Aspiring to go beyond the sale of finest fabrics, Akyar Brothers started producing fabrics as well. And they started with silk scarves, the most challenging of all fabrics. They were not intimidated by the fact that silk is one of the most difficult fabrics to produce and process. They first started by producing two scarves a day on handlooms, later to grow silk scarf production in spite of all kinds of difficulties.

They first search the world for the finest examples of silk fabrics. For these silks, they made designs of increasing numbers every season, blending most up-to-date examples of world fashion with Turkish classical designs. They keep investing in production facilities to make sure that scarf prints are clearer and brighter. Scarf edges are sewn by hand for a premium finish, and as if that is not enough, scarves are scented in lavender fragrance.

All for one single goal:
To produce the finest and most stylish scarves of the world!

Today Aker Silk Scarves are being produced from world’s finest silks at the Aker factory in Corlu, one of the largest and best equipped facilities of the world. Every season, over 1000 different patterns and colors are designed. Health hazard chemicals are never used at any stage of production. Achieving its original goal, Aker has now become one of the largest and finest producers of scarves. Aker’s production of world’s first nanoengineered scarves with water and stain resistance, and COOL-EX scarves that keep the skin cool, are a natural outcome of all these efforts.