Aker sees the principle of preserving its quality as the building block of its working style. Thus it puts weight on research and development. As the result of research Aker, using nanotechnology for the first time, created silk fabric that repels water and does not stain therefore allowing you to use your scarves as if for the first time for long years by protecting them from rain and stains. The production and printing of the scarves produced from the highest quality silk present on the face of the earth is made on state of the art machines. This way mistakes like slipped patterns and color interference do not occur.

Aker shapes the scarf fashion in Turkey with scarves of over 1000 patterns and colors designed at its design atelier every season by blending world fashion with traditional themes. At the Aker production facility, one of the world’s largest and most modern factories, through advanced technology production systems the shine of silk is protected on the utmost level. The edges of the meticulously produced scarves are embroidered with needles one by one by Aker’s experienced embroiderers. The non-machine stitched scarves smell of roses or lavender instead of fabric and dye. Moreover the beautiful scent does not disappear after the fabric has been washed.

Shaping the world’s best fabric into the most beautiful forms Aker shows the same diligence on the issue of health. In the production of Aker scarves non carcinogenic dyes and materials are used. Aker’s sensitivity on this issue is certified by OEKO-TEX quality certificate, and none of the materials used at each stage of production contain materials that are harmful to the employees or the environment. Aker continues working with the comfort of having the world certificates on this matter; OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.